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Category: Fun


Dr. Sheekha Borhade

I appreciate the initiative taken by FRONTROW to extend the knowledge of music to commoners. Mr. Vikrant Puri is fantabulous and has a lucid and simple style of explaining. I feel myself fortunate to have joined the program and definitely going to benefit. The mobile app is also well versed and systematically planned with lots of information and study material. I think FRONTROW is offering manifolds than the subscriptions charges that we have paid to them. Thanks to the entire FRONTROW team.... READ MORE

Divya Shah

Biswa Mast Aadmi, enjoying FrontRow, Biswa's lessons and courses, all the open mics, active community support and other activities. Khavanu, peevanu, FrontRow karwanu. Majja ni Life... READ MORE

Aditya jha

Not a paid promotion. Whoever is reading this comment. TRUST ME IT IS THE BEST TO LEARN MUSIC. I joined it for Neha Kakkar tutorial but truly the app not just teach you singing but also piano and guitar lesson.. Don't have second thoughts.. Your pizza order can wait but spending on this is worth. JUST DO IT.... READ MORE


What is the course format?

Each course covers important details, without being too stretched & lengthy. The major course contents have been structured into multiple modules with video lessons that focus on key areas relevant to the topic, explaining theory, examples, exercises and demonstrations if applicable.

When can I do these classes?

You can watch your lessons anytime, anywhere, whenever you’d like. You get lifetime validity once you purchase a course. This means you get access to all course material for life! You can even download them and watch them without using any data.To make sure you make the most of it, we recommend aiming to finish a course in 2-4 weeks. This gives you enough time to absorb all the material & try out all the exercises and techniques that come with it.

What is the FrontRow community tab?

Great question - the community tab is our favourite! First off, it’s accessible to everyone on the app, regardless of whether you signed up for a course. Each category has an exclusive community where you can participate in activities, live events, challenges and competitions.Your mentors will give you all the ammo you need, while our community (with over 20,000 members by the way) will cheer you on as you get better at doing what you love.

Where can I watch the course?

You can access FrontRow lessons across devices (mobiles, tablets and laptops) on any compatible web browser. You can also access them on our Android and iOS apps.

Is there any age limit?

Of course not - it’s never too late (or early) to learn! Every course is suitable for all age groups and you can visit individual course pages for more details.

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