The shyness to present yourself on a stage in front of some people keeps all the doors of opportunities closed in your life. With storytelling, every single entry of opportunity can be opened that was closed for you in your past.

When we talk about storytelling, there is no better person than the legendary storyteller Zakir khan. It does not matter if you are a teacher, salesman, a student or working in an office each one of us loves telling stories.

Let us see how he impresses thousands of people standing on the stage with his mind-blowing storytelling skills.

Theatre of mind:

At a stage performance, Zakir once did hook the audience with his joke by using the theatre of mind technique. We have broken the joke below for your understanding.

“Arey woh jo ladkiyaan hoti henna delhi ki typical woh jo”

After saying this line he acts shy for a couple of seconds.

“Matlab… Arey…”

He continues with the joke again and describes the complete joke now.

“Ab woh hoti hena jo bar counter se drink uthake woohoo”

While Zakir was saying this joke, he acted well so the people who watched him could get a picture of a girl holding a drink in her hand at a bar counter and doing woohoo.

That is what theatre of mind does. Creating a picture in the listeners' minds of what you are telling makes you unique.

Personalization of stories:

Thieves are not loved by anyone. No one talks or wants to talk about some thief with interest. But when it comes to the story of “Aladdin and the 40 thieves” we love hearing them and never get bored. That’s the power of personalized stories you feel connected with the characters.

In the Kaksha Gyarvi show, Zakir attended a math class as per his joke. In the maths class, the teacher checks the homework copies. The teacher comes to Zakir’s desk and asks for the copy; Zakir says “Copy, toh checked h”

The teacher shouts, “Copy dikhao”

Zakir answers, “Woh toh ghar par h”

The teacher replies, “Okay, give me your diary then”

Having 2 remarks already, the third one would be an open invitation to his father to the school.

Surely, everyone would have felt this. The art of personalization makes the listeners attached to the moment.

3. Emotional graph

Your audience feels what you feel. If you look happy, they will feel happy. If you look sad, they will feel sad. They will be confused and get bored if you feel confused or bored.

Every time you see Zakir performing, you can see his emotions clearly what he is trying to express. This connection makes you attractive in the mind of the listeners and makes you a great storyteller.

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