It was 30 minutes post his show in Banglore, and you could see the crowd gathering in enormous numbers reciting "Sakht Launda, Sakht Launda", and it happened for minutes together; such is his fan following. It's a record alone to get overwhelming applause for every one of your exhibitions, and Zakir khan beats himself every time.

Zakir Khan was born and raised in Indore, our city of food. He comes from a modest foundation and has a sharp eye for humour in everyday life. His trademark is the capacity to crack everybody on subjects that generally go unrecognised by others. What recognises him from others is the craft of narrating a story. His forte is the straightforwardness with which he portrays any occurrence or an incident and how he gets the crowd moving and engaged.

We would have seen him on numerous occasions just narrating various incidents or life stories and still managing to crack us up. He seizes every moment in an ongoing story and the succession of its episodes unfurling over the story progression.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that he began another wave in Indian standup and narrating scenes. The storytelling style that he brings to the table is so unique and simple yet effective. When you map out the emotion Zakir touches, you find out his brilliancy as a storyteller and how he gradually develops feelings in the audience. His narrative style is so peculiar that it makes you feel you're conversing with him.

In 2012 he exploded in the Indian stand-up scene by winning Comedy Central's India's best Standup Comedian competition. His presentation on the AIB Diwas is thought to be one of the legendary execution of the art of standup comedy by any Indian Stand-up comedian. That evening transformed him, and he has never turned around from that point forward. He then created a masterpiece, "On Air with AIB." which is loved worldwide to date.

His grip on his art is dynamic, as evident by his filmography. He began with "Humorously Yours" in 2016, and in 2017 he served as a mentor on the show "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge," guiding famous comedians and participants. His career took off after releasing singles such as "Haq Se Single," "Kaksha Gyarvi," and "One Mic Stand." He is regarded as one of India's most revered comedians.

The art of weaving words into a story and getting the audience hooked is something Zakir Khan has cracked, and now, he's here to share his secret formula with you. Learn from the best India has to offer in the comedic scene.  "Agar aapke chacha VidhayakNahii hai toh" worry not because Zakir's got your back.