Over the years Raftaar has given a lot of great performances. Dilin Nair a.k.a Raftaar Singh, was born on November 16, 1988, in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

Raftaar went to school and college in Delhi, but he never finished his education. In his childhood, Raftaar’s dad gifted him Michael Jackson's CDs as he loved dancing.

His father also used to buy English magazines so that Raftaar could learn English. Raftaar never felt that he did not have anything less than other kids in his childhood as his parents made sure he got everything he wanted.

In the early days of his career, Raftaar pursued dance and was doing very well. Raftaar also participated in Dance India Dance auditions and made it to the selections, but could not make it to the finals.

Along with dance, Raftaar also used to sing and rap. Raftaar teamed up with Ikka and Lil Golu and they shooted rap videos and uploaded them on the pre-existing social media Orkut.

The team broke up later and Raftaar got an offer to join the Mafia Mundeer group and he gladly accepted it. Raftaar used to work with legends like Honey Singh, Badshah, J-star and Alfaaz in the Mafia Mundeer team.

While working for Mafia Mundeer, Raftaar and the team released an album called International Villager which released many hit songs. Manj Musik's group helped Raftaar to grow in his career and he is very grateful for working with Manj Musik.

In 2013, Raftaar performed his first biggest hit “Tamanche Pe Disco”. “Swag Mera Desi” brought him to the limelight. After these hit performances, Raftaar got many offers from Bollywood.

Over the years Raftaar has been performing consistently with his raps and kept impressing all of us. Raftaar’s journey is a huge inspiration to each of us.

The way he kept following his passion and belief in himself was highly appreciable. If you are passionate about rapping and want to learn and be guided.

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