From being a gallery of pictures for your social circle to being a digital marketplace, Instagram has come a long way! It is now imperative to know how to create content for Instagram.

And so, we bring you a guide to writing for Instagram so that you can stand out from the crowd. Good writing goes behind or along with every single well-performing post on the platform. So let's find out the tools that can be useful for someone looking to showcase their content use their content writing skills to their benefit on Instagram:

Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts are the oldest and the most commonly used mode of content. These are of three types: images, long form videos, and short form reels that captivate the audience. It provides a platform for creators to unveil their potential. Sometimes an image just speaks a thousand words and at times video tutorials act as saviours. You can share your latest video recipes, or any poetry that you might have written, and promote your business by sharing your latest product and writing a great copy for it. The cherry on the cake is that you can make collages or grids that make your gallery even more attractive. If your text is longer then you can post as slides in a carousel. You can be anything and everything on this platform called Instagram!

A combination of good writing and an eye for aesthetic / design that governs the creation of each individual post makes for a successful profile.

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Instagram Stories

One of the most convenient tools of Instagram is the story! They exist for only 24 hours and usually pop up separately on users' profiles. You can type, or share 15-seconds long videos and static images in a story. There are various fonts available with loads of stickers, gifs, and emojis to embellish your creation. Stories are usually written for promotional purposes when a swipe-up link is added to them. You can also just add the link to your blog or portfolio on your story and reach more people / readers. Or, a story can just be used to describe an ongoing experience: it has quite an amazing reach.

Instagram Captions

The more interesting the caption, the more call to action the post generates! Sometimes, writers spend hours and hours deciding on a catchy caption. Captions can be phrases, two-liners, or short paragraphs depending on the posts. They are supported by relevant hashtags for better reach.

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Instagram Live

One of the most underrated Instagram features is Instagram Live. The reason is that a notification pops up every time on your followers’ screen when you go live, which is something that doesn’t happen with any other tool. As a content writer, you could plan some fun activities to do or conduct a reading of your best fictional piece on live, or maybe even have a Q&A session where you give out writing tips and take your followers' input on your content.

Instagram Reels

The Instagram tool that has the maximum reach is the reel. It can generate millions of views and can go viral in a matter of a few minutes. Reels can be an alternative to the infamous TikTok videos after the ban of the latter in India. Write a script for a reel that showcases your day-to-day life as an aspiring writer, talks about your literary or professional influences, lists your favourite books, and much more. Create a strong social media presence for yourself and establish the fact that you are good at what you do. A successful reel can lead to a click onto your profile, a decision to follow you, and then to read or interact with your content!

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