These top Indian Choreographers have once been ordinary people from humble beginnings who made it to heights of success with sheer determination and hard work. Their journeys are inspiring for budding dancers and even few of them are accessible to you. Read the article to know more about it!

1. Shiamak Davar

“I started at 23, and at 59, I am still dancing!”  - Shiamak Davar
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He is a celebrated dance choreographer, not just in India, but worldwide. Success for him is to be in control of yourself. There’s no Bollywood celebrity who hasn’t been trained by him, and his dance company is reaching people in almost all countries.

2. Terence Lewis

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He can be rightly called the ‘Contemporary King of India’ for his breath-taking style of dancing. He also judged top notch reality shows in India such Dance India Dance, Nach Baliye, and so on.

3. Punit Pathak

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Punit J. Pathak is a dancer and choreographer with a number of great accomplishments and even greater talent. He was a part of Dance India Dance and a judge for Dance+. Punit also played Chandu's role in ABCD, the dance film that continues to inspire many. He has had an impressive career, having worked as a choreographer, mentor, judge, assistant choreographer and mainstream Bollywood choreographer.

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4. Dharmesh  

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Dharmesh Yelande is a well-known name amongst those who love and respect the wold of dance. Sir's journey inspired many in the dance community. He has worked with Farah Khan in Tees Maar Khan and got to be an actor for the film ABCD. It's double the bonanza: we also have Dharmesh Sir at FrontRow to teach us dance. Check out his course and become a better freestyle dancer as well as choreographer!

5. Remo D’Souza

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How can a list of top dancers or choreographers not have Remo D'Souza in it? Remo has a massive following on Instagram and is the star of the dancing industry. He is a dream choreographer for anyone!

6. Geeta Kapoor

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Geeta Kapoor's journey is as inspiring as it gets. She started as a backstage dancer and went on to become the judge of some renowned dance reality shows in India. She is the one behind many dance performances on TV award functions as well.

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