Indians have evolved and their content viewing has drastically changed! We seek a gripping storyline and a plethora of genres to make it a binge-worthy watch. Presenting top picks for your all-nighters!

1. Panchayat

Life takes a drastic turn when an engineering graduate lands a job in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh as a Secretary of a Panchayat. Season 1 of this show is a comic drama keeping it as real and subtle as possible. It brings you a modern-day picture of a rural suburb taken over by a self-proclaimed pradhan who is actually the husband of the village pradhan. Ironically everybody makes peace with it. All the mundane administrative tasks have been portrayed in a largely humorous manner.

The camera shots from high, low, and aerial views highlight the outstanding cinematography. A solid script is the backbone of any successful show and Panchayat proves that!

2. The Family Man

As the name suggests, the show revolves around a guy who takes on covert operations with a government agency to counter terrorism and saves lives, but he has a family behind him. He’s constantly striving to find some balance between his roles and responsibilities as a husband, father, and saviour. It is interesting to see how he has successfully concealed his real job from his family and how it gets revealed in the second season of the show.

His team is truly impeccable and has brave hearts who all risk their lives for their missions, acting as a backbone for the force to fight against crime. You’ll be glued to the screen throughout the show!

3. Breathe

This psychological crime thriller is sure to be one of the most unique shows ever on Indian web platforms. While the first season has no direct relation to the second one, the bizarre central theme pervades throughout. So here goes the first one: Danny (who is the owner of a soccer academy and someone with a sweet tooth) has to save his son’s life, and for that he decides to systematically murder the four strangers on the organ donors’ list.

And the second one is the story of Avinash Sabharwal, a practicing psychiatrist in the flourishing city of Gurugram, and his wife Abha, a chef. They are parents to a young girl named Siya who is kidnapped from a friend’s birthday party.

The setting of the scenes is mostly pitch dark to highlight the murder mystery with a not-so-expected storyline. A lot of factors combine to make it an exciting watch.

4. Patal Lok

This crime thriller story revolves around a celebrated TV anchor who is the target of a group of killers. It is intriguing to know who is after him and for what purpose. A cop who is largely cynical is investigating the case. It’s a gripping story set mainly in Delhi with intelligent twists and turns that highlight a political angle as well. True to its title, Patal Lok, which is the Hindi word for hell, is a dark show with scenes of bloodshed and acute violence.

The series is produced by none other than Anushka Sharma and is clearly a Filmfare Award Winner!

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Happy watching and happy writing!