Hip hop stars Calm (Siddhant Sharma) and Encore ABJ (Abhijay Negi ) are the hosts of Seedhe Maut, a hip hop duet located in New Delhi, India. At MC Kode and Encore ABJ's Delhi underground battle rap tournament, Calm and Encore first met.

Encode and Calm started working together and discovered their interest in hip hop, and Seedhe Maut was formed. Calm previously used to rap in English and later started rapping in Hindi.

In 2017 Encore and Calm released their first track Seedhe Maut Anthem. Over the past few years, Seedhe Maut has made hip hop on serious world topics like politics, romance, Indian society and the education system.

Seedhe Maut's debut album, 'Bayaan,' created in partnership with Sez On The Beat, is a candid masterpiece that is a monument to the strength of the stories the Indian youth has to offer to the world.

'Bayaan,' which was created over a year, saw the team create an album that received praise from critics and touched the hearts of people around India.

"Nayaab" is an introduction that recalls the first time Calm and Encore ABJ met Sez On The Beat and how the trio got together to create 2 Ka Pahada, "Bayaan," and other revolutionary Indian hip-hop ventures.

Seedhe Maut on his new album “Nayaab.”

“Nayaab” is the embodiment of our journey post-Bayaan. Having taken different paths since then, we’ve lived life on our terms and been through a lot – both as individuals and as friends – only coming back together once we were confident we could top the bar we’d set for ourselves. Nayaab is us at our rawest, most vulnerable – it’s a direct insight into our psyche and how we process, understand and act upon what has happened in our lives, both the good and the bad, and how we approach creativity despite all of these things – underlined by our love to make music and the strength of our friendship. “Nayaab” is a benchmark in Indian Hip Hop.”

Listen to Seedhe Maut’s new album Nayaab now: