A fearless human being and the pride of the nation. Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, better known by his stage name Sidhu Moose Wala successfully escalated Punjabi songs and was a major force behind its integration into mainstream songs.

Sidhu was an inspiration and will continue to be, his sudden demise was a shock to the entire nation but we are sure, his songs will continue to encourage people for decades.

1. So High

Surpassing over 480 million views on Youtube, Siddhu Moosewala's "So High" rules the world of Gen-Z. With the bad-boy aura injected into the lyrics, it talks about the upper hand of a group of men in the city and how the gang influences people.

2. Same Beef

Climbing the ladder of success and reaching the top, hardly makes any difference in the lifestyle of a humble person. In this song, Sidhu mentions how a number of problems simultaneously arise when you become famous. But, the real identity and character reside in his nature, how grounded a person is and how friendships should never break through thick and thin.

3. Famous

Famous imbibes self-esteem into the soul of a person, who has given up. Cause' having confidence and showing up the next day is half the battle won. It talks about how the people who demean you ultimately take a u-turn and start copying the artist, who has built everything from scratch.

4. Old Skool

Flaunting white collar might look great, but the real power resides in the roots of the person - his hometown, his promises, and decade-long friendships, who can stand on the line of death for him.

5. Tochan

Tochan symbolizes a tug-of-war between two heavy vehicles, generally, tractors on each side. Controlling these heavy vehicles needs one to believe in themselves as well as in the fate which is as powerful as the person.

6. Bambiha Bole

A king resides among the common people wearing a simple cotton shirt or kurta. His enemies do not dare to trespass his territory and the police are searching for him. While everybody takes inspiration and looks up to him, he still prefers farming on the ground as his first & foremost duty.