When comedians take the stage and start talking to you, it's a clear indication that you are their next joke for the show. But, through these conversations, you actually find some weirdos and realize that actually, no one is sane in our world. We are just a bunch of crazy people walking this earth.

Listing some of the great crowd work performances by comedians.

This show had been great.. but wait! The coins splatter on the ground in between the show and successfully grabs the complete attention of Rahul. The rest had been an impromptu discussion by Rahul on the journey of the fallen coins, from the purse of the woman onto the ground. The exaggerated explanation by Rahul could pull the laughing chords of the audience.

One thing you learn from this piece when you hear about the plane dip of one of the audience members is that - you should never underestimate the problems of others! But the sad part was our comedian Kenny Sebastian did and then, couldn't hold his sarcasm within and spilled on the infectious laughter beans for the audience. But, the whole show isn't just about it - Kenny's series of Best and Worst memories discusses the hilarious moments of audience life from bees, and bulls to airplanes, which are described on a paper and Kenny picks up one by one to get the whole picture! And, my friend, that's where you can't escape the laughing banter.

The level after standard 10th can not be college - that's simple 11th and 12th dude! That's the only thing Aakash wanted to convey to one of his audience members. Random pouring down might affect the recording when Aakash had an on-spot crowd work for his audience to enjoy. Adding, to the whole situation he just found out that the parents of one of his audience members were actually in the front row throughout the show when he made some not-so-decent jokes! Nonetheless, his expression thereafter made everyone laugh at his situation.

Rajat Chauhan's whole show showed the diversity present across India - that's the diverse range of doctors and engineers present in the show. This crowd work was a wholesome event where he made content out of two couples, one person arriving late or simply finding out that one picky-aunty in the disguise of a man in the audience.

Abhishek Walia is popular for a lot of crowd work shows and when you get a super-active audience who jumps in at every moment to participate during the show, in simple words who willingly march forward to make a joker out of them, your content is served on a platter. A discussion around heartbreaks, relationships, and new-age love, this to and fro between the audience and Abhishek, will send you rolling on the floor laughing your guts out.

Jaspreet Singh with his happy-to-go personality makes the audience laugh in discussions ranging from couples, friends (intense activities of friends), and doctors to sudden situations when the lights are out. He realizes soon enough that this happens in most of his shows but nonetheless, his wit and humor are enough to bring a smile to your face.

When it's about couples you find the weirdest and best stories to create your content from it. From the youngest, craziest to the decent, oldest ones Rohan Gujral found every type of couple in his crowd work show. Eventually, cracking his jokes around them and turning the whole show into a laughter club.

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