When it comes to gaming, there are thousands of good options available. But the GTA series is the nostalgia of all games.GTA games have kept impressing each of us since the 90s.

The GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA London, GTA Auto, GTA Auto 2, GTA Auto 3, GTA Teft AUto, GTA Auto 4, GTA Auto 5 we had great fun playing all of these GTA games.

We also used cheats sometimes to escape the police or for some resources in the game. It felt like a hacker right using numerous cheats while playing. Having five stars wanted by police and the military, just a slight cheat of “Leave me alone” made our escape.

How easy cheats make it the gameplay, right? Using cheats is not illegal, but cheats make the gameplay too easy, and after some time, it becomes tedious as well. The real flex is playing with the resources allocated by the game, facing all the struggles and situations to solve the challenges. Nothing hits better than this.

The best gaming experience can be achieved when you play with no cheats and solve the missions and challenges all by yourself. Do you use cheats while playing GTA or not? Let us know in the comments?

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