Cricket is India's most loved sport. Every second road you visit, you will see kids playing cricket or talking about their favourite teams or tournaments worldwide. What if we tell you there is a game that gives you the exact feel of playing cricket for your favourite team in 3D?

Nautilus Mobile has released Real CricketTM 20, the best cricket multiplayer sports game. It's a game that will allow you to play and enjoy the feel of playing a cricket match. You'll get to try everything from bowling and taking wickets of your opponent player to hitting huge sixes in this entertaining 3D cricket game.

The best part of Real Cricket 20 is that it is a multiplayer game, which means you'll be playing against other players virtually and can chat via voice and text. This 3D cricket game also comes with numerous game types to choose from Test cricket, ODI cricket, International Premier League, Big Bash League and all the famous leagues played in the world of real cricket.

Real Cricket 20 is available for  Playstore and Appstore. You can also save your progress by login in through Facebook and Google Play Games. Players can also participate in tournaments such as the World Cup and the World Test Championships if you are a premium member.

Choose the Quick match option because it is the most basic and excellent for gaining a feel for the programme. You may choose from the multiple formats in Quick Match mode, including international games, Under 19, Aussie 20-20, Masters, RC Premier League, Pakistan League, Bangladesh League, and more. You can pick your teams after you've decided on the format.

Following the squad selection, you must choose the ground, kind of wicket, weather conditions, innings duration, and difficulty level. What is the best way to play Real Cricket 20? After selecting the game's specifics, you'll see the starting XI and the squad. Depending on your needs, you can add or remove players.

The game will begin with a coin toss, and you will have to predict whether the outcome will be heads or tails. If you win the toss, you have the option of batting or bowling, and the game will begin.