If you enjoy Hindi rap music, Raftaar is a name you should be familiar with. Raftaar's path has motivated the nation's underground artists to voice their opinion and just never lose hope in their aspirations, making him undoubtedly the most influential hip-hop musician in the country today. It is his experimentation with his own style that distinguishes him from other hip-hop artists out there.

While other rap artists in India tend to stick with the style of music they make in order to deliver their content, Raftaar goes out of his way to try and experiment with each genre, with Sufi to folk, pop to indie all having a distinct catalogue in his discography.

All Black, dhaakad, Baby Marvake Manegi, Naachne Ka Shaunq, salmaan khan,

In this portion, we'll look at some of his most renowned collaborations, which demonstrate his versatility in the music industry and distinguish him from the rest of the mainstream rappers out there.

1. Ghana Kasoota

Rasmeet Kaur, a great Punjabi folk singer, appears on the title track "ghana kasoota," which simply means "feeling awesome" in Haryanvi. This musical work is a fantastic combination of folk appeal and hip hop with brilliant rhythm production, giving it a distinct taste and creativity in existing hip-hop sounds. Raftaar is always interested in creating new sounds, and he goes out of his way to experiment with his style and sounds in order to keep reinventing the existing hip-hop sound.

2. Naachne Ka Shaunq

The song is about the current state of Indian hip-hop. People merely listen to the beat and do not get the meaning of the music or the lyrics. Raftaar also criticizes the pop music genre in the song, in an attempt to awaken people to the fact that they only listen to tunes that are good for dancing. Rappers are not supported by them. Brodha V, who generally experiments with classical sounds, particularly Carnatic music, leaves his mark on this track. This song also features a mash-up of two different languages, namely Hindi and English.

3. Swag Mera Desi

Raftaar admits that his development as a multilingual artist has helped him immensely gain his fame over time, as evidenced by his early collaborations with various Punjabi and multilingual artists, and one of his oldest musical pieces that stands out from the rest is "swag mera desi," a fantastic piece featuring Manj music. This musical work is without a doubt one of his most famous and blockbuster collaborations. Raftaar goes all out on this song, describing his ability to deliver sharp and fast while staying true to the song's content.

4. Saza-e-Maut

With two of the most talented musicians and lyricists the desi rap scene has ever seen, this piece stands out in terms of musicality. This song has a gangsta rap feel to it, with a drill beat that adds to its beauty. This powerful pair really crushes the beat and Rafaar's deep voice just enriches the listeners' listening experience.

Krishna and Raftaar create magic every time they get on a beat, and from there it's just beat slaughter. This song is a great example of learning different rap technicalities, especially lyric writing and blending multiple languages while writing lyrics, and its rhyme scheme is something to look for in an aspiring musician.

These are just a few examples of his musical knowledge and desire to always develop through experimentation with various genres, artists, moods, and feelings. This is why he is always at the top of his game and consistently delivers fresh content throughout his musical career.

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