Everyone loves playing video games. Often we get addicted to it. We keep playing endlessly for hours and hours while it affects us physically and sometimes professionally as well. Playing games for a long time can decrease your efficiency and productivity. So it is crucial to maintain a proper balance to enjoy all the parts of your life.

It feels good playing video games doesn't matter whether we lose or win it. The craving to play keeps compounding over time.

Follow time management principles. Building a routine is the best way to enjoy games without being addicted to them. The majority of the time, when you start playing a game, you decide to play for an hour and then work, study, or do XYZ after.

But every time that 1 hour ends in continuous hours of playing. An alarm is quite beneficial. An alarm stops you from giving an excuse not to come back to work and switch off your phone. The majority of the time, this strategy works and allows you to get less hooked to gaming while also allowing you to enjoy it.

Sometimes we get badly addicted as well. The simple solution is to take a break if you are badly addicted to playing games. If you are into full-time gaming as a career, the best thing is to build your routine and have some consistent breaks, do some exercises and do stretching.

End of the day, it is on you. You have to build self-control to beat the addiction and maintain the balance.

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