An image of a rapper holding a mic out as if about to drop it. Rap on the whole embodies a lot of honesty and strength, and this image can be read as representing that.

Rap is a wave of revolution for some and a mixture of rhyming words with complex storytelling for some. It is what you choose to hear.

Rap covers a lot of the unedited, raw parts of life through power-packed storytelling and beautiful music. Most of us have probably had an experience being mesmerized by the depth in the lyrics of rap. The ability to feel and write that which ignites so many emotions at once makes it a surreal art form.

Do you also have a desire to gleam the world with a story that screams validation and don't know where to start? This article has got your back.

1. Learn how to Rhyme and Understand Rhyme Schemes

Rhyming lyrics are a pivotal part in laying the foundation of rap. It creates a uniform rhythmic flow for the rapper and is alluring and pleasing for the listeners as well.

You can begin by understanding the types of rhythm and slowly move forward in decoding, which will help you in creating an epic rhyme for your rap. You can refer to a rhyming dictionary and reliable YouTube videos for a better understanding of it.

2. Learn Syllable Manipulation

As a beginner, rhyming words get a little intimidating because few words are hard to crack.

Some words in the rap fit like a glove whereas sometimes it's hard to find relevant rhyming words. As a beginner, it gets intimidating to rhyme words without interchanging them to an extent where they lose their significance.

Here's a video where Eminem explains how syllable manipulation benefits rap.

3. Learn how to Count Bars

Bar is a vital term used to measure the song. When your purpose is to rap, then understanding and counting bars is very essential to precisely set the song structure.

At the start, your aim should be to learn how to count bars so that it helps situate yourself correctly as a beginner.

4. Start Building a Rap Flow

Rap flow is the proficiency in rapping that one builds over time. As a beginner, your ability to rap might be at an average level but understand that it is something that can be built over the course of time.

Focus on the techniques that help you fix your skill,rhythm, timing, speed and pitch of your voice so you can adapt a rap flow while performing.

5. Understand the Song Structure

The framework of different elements of rap in a way that makes it arranged is a song structure. These elements are bars, verses, hooks and chorus that are to be arranged to give the song a well-formed structure.

There are infinite ways to do it but you can start by understanding and adapting the way that is used the most as a beginner.

A rapper performing on stage. Performing rap can be a thrilling experience. Start learning rap today if you want to put together the performance of your dreams!

6. Practice Everyday

"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently."

- Anonymous

Practising everyday will simply help you to establish your expertise. You might face an obstacle in the initial days but give yourself the benefit of being a beginner.

Get in the habit of writing bars every day and learning new techniques and eventually implement them.

Right from learning rhymes to understanding song structure, don't miss any on any point if you are keen to learn rap as a beginner.

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