Hundreds and thousands of ads, commercials, or promos are made every day. Brands need ideas that are out-of-the-box and can create an impact for generations to remember. Account managers, strategists, writers, directors and everyone in the agency, come together to create what is known as a 'Great Ad'.

We have listed a few ads that have captured our attention.

Cadbury 5 star created a series of #NoHardFillings where random objects around you confess for their mistakes and give a 5-star as a settlement. The ads ranged from a nail being the reason for a bicycle tyre puncture, to a cricket ball hitting a china doll statue, your personal wallet debating with the petrol, and so on. This series garnered millions of views and was one of the most successful campaigns for the brand. The overall campaign directs the route to the 'soft' filling of Cadbury 5 star.

You can find the complete analysis of the ad campaign here:

In the year 2017, Ogilvy & Mather intertwined a creative twist to the most viral videos across the world. The aim was to integrate Cadbury Bubbly as the sole initiator of the best moments in your life. They were able to 'just before the iconic moment' scenes with the people and weave them into a story placing Cadbury Bubbly as the main character. These were then placed as unskippable Youtube ads and finally, by the end of the campaign, it received a huge positive response from the audience of the digital world.

A dramatic exaggeration of the real-life situations where kids actually prefer to vanish into thin air than to be forced to gobble down a glass full of milk. Mother Dairy Cow Milk claims that now kids won't get #ChutkiMeinGayab but will actually 'gayab' the whole glass of milk due to its original and best taste.

Children experiment with everything and anything they set their eyes upon, actually, this might be the wrong narration. In the pursuit of experimenting with random things, children tend to break several beloved objects in your house. As a parent, you can not actually scold them but rather make them understand their mistake and replace the objects from OLX.

Poo-Pourri claims to trap the odour of your poop before it escapes through the doors, to ruin your perfect moment in life. In a personal or professional situation, you can not control nature's call, but what you can control is the after-math and havoc it can create. A series of commercials, replicating real-life scenarios using that uneasy bit in life, establishes the importance of "Poo-Pourri" is important.

More than the features of CRED, netizens were impressed with the acting skills of this Olympic Gold Medal Winner - Neeraj Chopra. Cred, a Bengaluru-based fintech company, launched an advertisement to capitalize on the huge euphoria surrounding Chopra's popularity in India. This advertisement perfectly captures the country's obsession with the Olympic Gold Medalist and its newfound love for the Javelin throw.