Free Fire or PUBG Mobile?

This question is the debate every gamer does. Both battleground games are good at their places with the features and gameplay.

Let's compare both of these high demand games.

While PUBG Mobile has certain fantastic features, such as Pharoah Rising and Runic Power, the game feels more realistic than Free Fire. In PUBG Mobile, you start with a basic avatar, which you can personalise with cosmetics like skins and pets.

The characters in Free Fire have some special perks that improve their movement speed and give shields, healing, and other perks. It adds another difficulty to the regular gunplay in PUBG Mobile. Players have to unlock the avatars by earning gold or paying real money on Free Fire diamonds.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale lets 100 members play, while Free Fire only allows 50. Because of the large number of players, the maps in PUBG Mobile are big. To balance, PUBG Mobile offers smaller maps and modes with fewer players. Free Fire lacks such options.

PUBG Mobile offers a more realistic feel than Free Fire. The characters and pets in Free Fire represent a bit from anime and cartoons. While the graphics of PUBG Mobile are evolving towards an anime fantasy design, the characters remain realistic.

While the areas and places are similar in reality, when comparing Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile offers better visuals. When comparing Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile, both games demand a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

When comparing Free Fire with PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile takes 610 MB of memory space, less than Free Fire's 680 MB. PUBG Mobile requires iOS 9.0 or above, while the Android version requires 5.1.1 or higher.

This need is less demanding for Free Fire, which requires Android 4.1 or above or iOS 8.0 or higher. Free Fire is more accessible to users using low-end smartphones. Both of the games have their perks.

Which game do you like to play more from between Free Fire and PUBG mobile?