That’s right, the first rule is never to talk about this. You just nod at other people who could be part of the same thing, judging by their bruises or by their wounds. They could be bank tellers, postmen, to your local UPS delivery guy, they’re just grunts anyway. They’re just copies of copies of copies. Let’s talk about it - Fight “I am Jack’s lack of surprise" Club. Meet Edward Norton who stars as a depressed loner who fills his life with IKEA furniture to organize it in a way.

His insomnia, his life and his job are driving him crazy. Pay close attention to how these early scenes are narrated and which words are used to make them sound satirical. Edward Norton finally finds catharsis by attending these 12-AA type groups, for eg. men with testicular cancer. After crying his eyes out like a baby, Edward finally sleeps.

However, his peace doesn’t last for much as he spots Marla (Helena Bonham Carter) and he realizes that she too is a “tourist” and knows she’s a faker like him. She spoils it for him. In another key encounter, he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) who seems to be exactly what Norton needs. Now the movie starts becoming really witty and some of the most brutal scenes ensue. They both form a Fight Club where men beat each other to a pulp to find freedom and self-realization.

Keep a note of how testosterone-fueled dialogues and scenes keep you glued to the fact that the “Man” has all of us by the balls, there’s even a scene where they threaten to cut off a local politician’s cojones. Tyler Durden drills it into the scenes that how rationalism is just consumerism. Any amusement under modern-day capitalism is just a prolonged form of work. You’re just rejuvenating yourselves with your hobbies so that you may go back to your job the next day. The amusements are just after-images of the work process itself.

Well, we’re not going to spoil it further for you, watch the movie, and tell us what you thought about it. We’ll leave you with that the final scenes of the movie delve deeply into the ‘Keyser Soze’ syndrome. Tell us what you think about the ending. And if you don’t know ‘Keyser Soze’ Syndrome, you should read about that first.