Entertainment is Akshay Kumar's funniest film since Hera Pheri.

This movie takes you through the emotional and comedic story of an average Indian guy, Akhil, who does multiple jobs to make ends meet to become the owner of 3000 crore assets.

At the start of the picture, there is a lot of drama, emotion and comedy where Akhil faces failures towards everything he puts his hands on. Akhil works multiple jobs to support his ill father admitted to the hospital for many months. Akhil learns that his father is not his biological father. He adopted him in a train accident to gain more compensation from the government. This film keeps switching from emotional phases to comedy scenes which makes the movie stand out.

Another most repeated and funny scene is in the name of Pannalal Johri's lawyer Habibullah. Everyone who calls his name does the wrong pronunciation, and some funny incident happens. After reaching Bangkok, Akhil learns that a dog breed “Golden Retriever” named Entertainment is living his life, and he plans numerous ways to kill the dog but fails every time.

During the sequence of events in which Akhil attempts to kill the dog, we add a third force: Pannalal's distant cousins - the brothers 'Karan-Arjun', who have their evil anguish tagged on Pannalal's money even before Akhil's knowledge.

Knowing that the dog has a lifespan of about twelve years, this brother duo decides that killing Akhil is more important than the dog. So what happens are scenes where Akhil and his buddy plan to murder the dog, while Akhil and his friend are scheduled to be killed by the brother duo.

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At one point, sibling duos are about to kill Akhil when the dog steps in as a rescuer and saves him. The encounter gives Akhil a significant emotional kick as he realises that "human inhumanity is returned by animal humanity." Akhil begs the dog for forgiveness and then departs.

In court, the brothers make a fake presentation. The dog is tossed into the streets, where Akhil appears, and the two heroes join hands to get revenge on the two criminals. The following series of events, in which the entire gang of Akhil, Saakshi, Krishna, Johnny, and the Dog fights the two brothers, creates the film's balance.

In the end, Akhil’s team wins, and the 3000 crore assets and Saakshi marries him.