For starters, K-dramas are known for their sophisticated plots and interesting characters. Viewers can expect to be taken on a ride full of twists and turns, and they will never be bored. The characters are often flawed and relatable, which makes it easy for audiences to connect with them.

If you're looking for a new drama to watch, be sure to check some of these best K-dramas out there. You won't be disappointed!

1. Goblin The Lonely And Great God

Goblin has been one of the best Korean dramas to date. The plot was definitely heart-shattering but we can never forget the hilarious instances in the drama. Like Ji Eun-Tak being frustrated and crying out for a boyfriend only to find Kim Shin is interested in her, Eun Tak trying to confess her way around paying Kim Shin, Wang Yeo and Kim Shin marching anywhere and everywhere or the bromance of the goblin and grim reaper. To be honest, the list never really ends and these well-crafted scenes added liveliness to the whole drama.

2. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?

This rom-com starring a few of the best actors in the Korean Industry is bound to crack you up at every scene! You understand that pursuing the love of your life takes a lot of effort even if it's the conglomerate Lee Young Jun and it can drive you crazy too! We can not completely blame him because his secretary Kim Mi-so is a beautiful person inside-out, this aspect alone does the job but adding to it she is extremely headstrong about not going out with the CEO. But, destiny aligned them since childhood and only Lee Young Jun remembers that.

3. Welcome To Waikiki

Welcome to Waikiki has been made for just one purpose that is, to rain down comic relief into your life, you can not quote it as rain, actually, it's a thunderstorm. Every scene, right from the moment the drama starts consists of the ongoing tragedy in the life of the characters. Whether it's about finding a mother-kid duo out of nowhere, growing beards on the flawless skin of the female character, running to the shop to get every kind of baby product or think of any random scene from this movie. It's crafted to seek every hidden laughing nerve of your soul and you just can't escape this!

4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jo

Just so much chaos right from the start, innumerable things going around but eventually everything connects and we get the perfect picture of - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Jo. Just think about it, you are a weight lifter completely at dagger heads with the best swimmer and have a crush on his brother. But, our fairy handles the weight seamlessly along with making us laugh - whether it's dreaming about a car while you are drunk and inside a shopping cart, craving fried chicken while getting a consultation to lose weight, or sending signals with unsolicited words and the saga continues. But, nonetheless, you will enjoy this sweet and sour drama.

5. The Business Proposal

It's a proposal you can never deny! Yes, we claim that. Cause' it's the proposal to straight away push you onto the floor laughing so hard, it might drive you insane. The comic timings of The Business Proposal hit the audience's heart from the day of its release. Whether it's about comparing your love with the credit card (as it's unlimited), talking about the beauties Samantha and Rachael on either side (cough, cough), or just expressing your true emotions as you don't have friends. Everything just adds up to deliver a perfect rom-com in the form of - The Business Proposal.