Cooking is such an eloquent and sweet love language. Your mother remembers to always cook that one favourite dish whenever you need a pick-me-up, your best friend remembers to bake your favourite dessert, and your partner makes you a perfect cup of coffee without fail on slow Monday afternoons…

Coffee brewing and making is a delicate art. You whisk the coffee and sugar until they become a gorgeous golden brown liquid that you mix into the boiling milk and the warm smells waft into the air…Delicious.

Hot Coffee On A Rainy Day

Coffee pe chalte hain?…Coffee dates have always been the benchmark of romance. No matter the hour of the day everyone loves going to a quaint little cafe and sipping a latte, be it with friends or a date or even by themselves!

Us coffee lovers have our own love language and if you’re one of us then we have found you some perfect coffee date songs to send to your fellow coffee lover or play in the background the next time you’re enjoying a cup. Maybe finally ask that person out on a coffee date…

Coffee Peetey Peetey - Gabbar Is Back (2015)

This cute song is about finally making eye contact with your crush over a cup of coffee…

2. Coffee Cup - Anthony Lazaro

A song about finding your special someone by accident in a coffee shop on the last day of the year…could anything be more romantic??

3. Tere Sang Ek Simple Si Coffee - Zameen (2012)

A love one and your favourite drink shared together. Isn’t that the perfect date put into a song?

4. Cold Coffee - Ed Sheeran

You know that feeling after you speak to your crush or go on a date with someone special and you love how they make you feel. You’re excited and a little careful because everything is so so new….this song is all about those first new feelings with someone new.

5. COFFEE - Aroob Khan

A cute little song about dreaming of the day when your crush finally asks you out for a coffee. The wonderful voice of Aroob Khan makes it even sweeter!

6. Death bed (coffee for your head) - Powfu ft. beabadoobee

This beautifully sad song with straightforward lyrics will surely tug at your heartstrings…

7. The Coffee Song - Jubin Nautiyal

The magical voice of Jubin Nautiyal makes this song about a lover realising their depth of feelings and that they are truly falling in love with the other person and comparing them to coffee makes this the perfect song to send to your partner!

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg

Finally admitting your feelings and sinking into the realisation that you truly have fallen in love is so special. Put into words this beautiful song from 2009 it totally melts your heart.

9. Coffee Breath - Sofia Mills

Bringing you a little heartbreak coffee song about loving someone but having your differences and accepting the heartbreak.

What’s your favourite way to show love? Or how do you know you are loved? Have you thought about the little ways your special someone shows you love?...