When it comes to mobile gaming, Battle Royale is one of the most popular genres prevalent in India. The abrupt rise of PUBG Mobile shook the Indian gaming industry to its very core, reminding us with a very formidable fact about just how inspiring and influencing games can be on young minds.

The easy availability of mobile gaming devices and cheap data plans boosted the impact of PUBG Mobile in India.

After the ban of PUBG Mobile, BGMI stood its ground and maintained the audience appeal and interest.

The charm of BGMI has introduced local and national gaming tournaments with millions of players participating and attending. This would not be possible without the original fascination that Battle Royale brought with itself.

The most stunning aspect of Battle Royale is the amount of different games it brings to its audience, each game being distinctively unique in its own way while still following the main rule of survival in Battle Royale.

Some new and old Battle Royale games to look out for are:


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We start off with PUBG: New State, the latest, most popular Battle Royale game. PUBG: New State is a fresh attempt by Krafton to improve on its former counterpart, BGMI. Already surpassing 10 million downloads, PUBG: New State is the all-new rage in India.

PUBG: New State tries to stay true to the original, PUBG Mobile, while bringing a wide range of in-game changes, better UI, amazing gameplay, smoother gun play, etc.

It also performs better on your gaming mobile than BGMI, providing you with better FPS, and reducing the CPU load and with less server lags.

This makes PUBG: New State the perfect Battle Royale game to try.

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

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Call of Duty: Mobile is currently one of the most popular games thriving in India. The game features a 100-player Battle Royale battleground match, 5v5 team death-match, Sniper vs Sniper battle and other different unique modes.

Along with the plethora of maps like Crash, Crossfire, Killhouse, Hijacked, Nuketown, Standoff and more, it also has a beautiful collection of powerful guns like AK47, M21 EBR, Striker and AKS-74U.

Call of Duty: Mobile provides you with a large option of skin and gun customization to improve the Gaming experience and keep it radically fresh.

The cinematic graphics in this game is also something to be praised.

3. Garena Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire was competing with PUBG mobile much before the heavy-hitter Call of Duty Mobile. The game, being quite similar to PUBG mobile, offered its users with advantages like smaller maps, lower gaming mobile specifications, better management of UI buttons, and numerous interesting game modes.

Garena Free Fire has 3 maps: Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari. It also features popular guns like MP40, M1014, AWM, FAMAS, M4A1, and Groza.

Garena Free Fire has different game modes including the Classic Mode where a total of 50 players compete against each other, Rush Hour with 20 players battling against each other, and Team Death-match, also known as TDM, which is basically a 10-minute 4v4 fight between two competing teams.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale

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Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play Battle Royale video game developed and published by Epic Games.

The game is not available to download on Play Store or App Store but players can download the game by visiting the official Epic Games website.

The main distinction of Fortnite from its other competitor Battle Royale games is the unique construction elements. Fortnite allows its players to build walls, obstacles, and other structures from collected resources to take cover from incoming fire or to adopt new strategic outlooks to secure the win.

Along with that, Fortnite also features many different customized maps, grounds, and themes developed by its own players to practice and improve gameplay or to just have fun!

Which game are you playing first? Try them all out!

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Happy gaming!