African Thumb Piano is a traditional music instrument of the Shona people from Zimbabwe. Popularly known as Kalimba, it came into commercial music during the 60s and 70s and had been found to give the serene notes in many Studio Ghibli movies.

Kalimbas have entered the Indian Music scene, especially after the rise of reels with many indie artists performing beautiful covers of famous, yesteryear Bollywood classics on the Kalimba.

So if you have your heart set on being able to produce the beautiful wind chime-like notes while playing your favourite songs on your kalimba… here are some simple tutorials to help you practice your skills and go from beginner to expert in no time.

Sam Salvador has a youtube community of 51.6k subscribers and has made multiple videos covering various songs on her kalimbas. She even has tutorials on how she films her videos!
Find yourself all set to start your youtube channel if that’s where your heart lies…

Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is the perfect song to play for your crush or if you want to dedicate your next Instagram post to special someone on their birthday.
Here is Simple Kalimba with their easy to follow Kalimba tutorial to help you with your proposal.

Pehla Nasha is everyone’s favourite! If you love to play soft Bollywood, then this is your song. Musicalimba’s channel has many more soft Bollywood classics to try your hand at.

Manike Mage Hithe had the whole nation grooving, and with such a beautiful tune, how can one not want to recreate the simple kalimba cover of it?
Kalimba Tabs is an excellent channel with many such covers and simple tutorials for you to follow.

abcdefu by Gayle is the revenge anthem for the year, so if you are feeling particularly annoyed but not even to scream it out, how about a soft version of the song because we all know music therapy is the best!

Play Date by Melanie Martinez is still everyone’s go-to choice for making cute reels of their favourite celebs, posting videos of a day out or just a slow-mo video of photos of their crush and them…
Now imagine if you played the music for your reel. How special would that be?

Now that you have some tunes for practice watch this video on how to take care of your kalimba because, as the elders say, Jab cheezon ka khayal rakha jaaye wo bohot lamba chalti hain!
This informative and fun video by Tip’s Kalimba’s channel is excellent to help you feel right at home with your kalimba.

Check out the videos on all the channels we have shared with you for more amazing tips and song covers. We are sure you’ll find many of your favourites on there… Happy Playing! And do remember to tag us in your videos on Instagram.