February is here and with that comes a day that people have mixed feelings about; yep, it is none other than Valentine’s Day. Some people look forward to this day every year while others want to avoid the day as much as they possibly can. But, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, that is, good romantic songs can make anyone's day even when it is not actually valentine’s day. Because good music is appreciated no matter what genre.

So we bring you this guide into romantic songs that are a must have in your valentine’s day playlist, full of amazing songs and melodious tunes that will surely make your day absolutely picture perfect.

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Sam Smith is probably the first name that comes to mind and stay with me has become a classic at this point. A playlist without this song is an unfinished playlist. So, we are putting this song first on our recommendation list, signifying that you should probably add this song immediately.

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

If you want to play a song with which you can imagine your futures together, then this song is the one for it. Ed Sheeran imagines the perfect tale that makes you wish that you had the same in your life with your valentine and we assure you that you’ll not regret adding this song in your playlist.

Adore You by Harry Styles

Harry Styles really understood the assignment with this song. From its composition to the song’s amazing lyrics, everything will make you want to remember every moment of your life as if it was your last and nothing can get more romantic than that. This song still holds a special place in our hearts like it did when the song was released and now you people know what the next song in your playlist should be.

All of Me by John Legend

All of Me should probably be on top of this list but we wanted to keep the anticipation up. Everything about the song is beautiful and the story behind this song even more so. If you want your valentine to feel appreciated just the way they are then this song is the perfect one for that. Add this song ASAP because if you don’t then you’ll surely miss out.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen

If your love is like a fire burning bright and blazing then this song should be your next choice. And, it doesn’t hurt that the song is by Queen which just makes it ten times cooler. This song is also an ode to 1950s rock music so if your valentine is a rock fan then it would truly be a sin to not to include this song.

Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi

Planning to buy a hundred rose bouquets for your counterpart this valentine’s day? Well, Bon Jovi has other ideas. And to set the mood, this song should be your choice. Surprise your partner with a pleasant surprise with this song playing in the background.

Soulmate by Lizzo

Are you single this valentine’s day? Not to worry because we’ve got you covered. In Lizzo’s wise words, you are your own soulmate and you are your only constant. So, celebrate yourself and all your achievements this valentine’s day.

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

If you want to proclaim your undying love to your valentine then Justin Timberlake does exactly that for you. Known for his dramatic yet alluring lyrics, Timberlake paints the perfect picture and if you think his words are as poetic as beautiful as his voice then you know what the next song on your playlist should be.

Delicate by Taylor Swift

Not the most obvious choice from the suitcase full of love songs that Taylor has given us, however, this song contains a special meaning that we couldn’t find in any of those other songs. The song narrates liking your partner whatever calamity befalls upon you and staying together in love. And, what else defines a perfect relationship if not the one where you and your partner are together through ups and downs. So, this is your next stop in this non-stop love ride.

Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Adele was only 19 years old when she rewrote this Bob Dylan classic, manifesting it into an amazing creation without which any playlist feels like it is lacking something. This may be the last recommendation in this list but it is also the one you’ve waited for to say the least. Therefore, don’t just read, go and create the perfect love song playlist.

We hope this guide helped you enlighten yourself with beautiful songs with even more beautiful endings. And, if you think you want to learn an instrument to impress your valentine, then we’ve got you covered with our live courses that give expert insight into various instruments and even singing if you think serenading to your lover is the way to go.