We Indians take our chai very very seriously. Be it summer or winter, chai has magical properties to wake us up and give us that burst of freshness. We pair it with everything from street food to luxurious Indian cuisine. And there exist so many types and styles of chai!

a cup of rooibos tea in teabag

So how could the Bollywood industry not have much music inspired by this nation’s staple favourite beverage…

Here’s our list of all-time top Bollywood songs around chai that you can enjoy with your Shaam ki chai or send to a chai lover you know.

Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho - Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega (2000)

The eternal chai song we will immediately sing is Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali sung and composed by the iconic Anu Malik. This song really did wonders for our generation to fully understand how much our parents absolutely love chai! With that iconic video and catchy tune, this music has us all dancing…

Cheeni Kum Title Track - Cheeni Kum (2007)

When we say cheeni kum hai more often than not we’re talking about our chai.
This beautiful song sung by Shreya Ghosal really captures the essence of accepting each other’s faults and flaws. And learning to accept the challenges that life will throw at us while still remembering to have fun.

Shayad Meri Shadi Ka Khayal - Souten (1983)

It’s an old song but I’m sure if you sing it to your parents it’ll put a big smile on their faces. A cute little number about finally getting to take things to the next stage with the love of your life. If you or your partner are the filmy types it’s definitely a song you should give a listen to!

Baari - Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan (2019)

The video, the tunes, and the colours give the whole song such a beautiful, warm, and soft aesthetic. The song perfectly captures the sentiments of love at first sight and the fear of betrayal in love. Explained with the lovely chai falling on hand trope this love song is eternally perfect.

Do Ghoont Chai Pee Aur Sair Duniya - Sanjog (1961)

Tea ceremonies

Mohd. Rafi Sahab's golden voice talks about how this world is our heaven and this world is all we have. The song has beautiful lyrics which simply put ask us to live our best in our now.

Chai Ke Bahane - Chintu Ji (2009)

This sweet song from the 2009 comedy has very self-explanatory lyrics. Two lovers tell each other how they can use tea as an excuse to sit down and talk about life and finding each other and share a few sweet, intimate moments… How many times have we asked our crush to come with us to the nearby tea stall on the pretext of getting some quality time?

Honourable Mention here…

Baba Sehgal’s music has entertained us all be it from the industry or his own production but
Adrak Wali Chai definitely takes the crown. The quirky soundtrack and fun lyrics talking about the great qualities of adrak wali chai and chai is the simple answer to most of life’s problems.

What is your favourite type of chai and who do you plan on having it with next time?