Back when YouTube was the primary video platform for all of us and music covers were starting to become the next big thing, artists like Vidya Vox, Shraddha Sharma, and Sanam Puri wowed us with their amazing voices.

Making amazing renditions of old songs with a fresh take, mixing the music for a fun and funky feeling, and adding their own lyrics in English or regional languages sometimes…bringing in that extra layer of zing to our favourite songs.

With the introduction of reels, access to videos has become so much easier!

So we decided to bring to you some gems from the reels section who make absolutely amazing covers.

Anumita Nadesan

With a beautiful smile, she strums her guitar and our heartstrings.
Born and brought up in Trivandrum, Anumita learnt Carnatic music as a child and has embarked on her Hindustani music journey as well.

She shot to fame with her beautiful cover of Jashn-e-Bahara and has captured hearts with her soothing covers and perfect choice of songs.
She has released 3 original songs since 2021 and with her latest being in February this year. That’s saying something!

Mansa Pandey

Coming to us from the beautiful hills of Nainital, she’s great with all kinds of rock, and Sufi and Bollywood music.

With that Harry Style’s kinda vibe and an otherworldly charm, Mansa is part of a band that met and released their first album through Instagram!
She got famous after her beautiful cover of Chupke Se from the movie Saathiya went viral on…yep, you guessed it, reels.

She shoots her videos in the most beautiful cosy spaces which match the naturally soft, cosy feeling her voice makes us all feel. If you wondered if any song could be played on a ukulele…She’d have definitely done it!

Vipasha Malhotra

What do Comedy and Music have in common? Vipasha!

If you give her LinkedIn bio a quick read this Instagram celeb isn’t just making music covers on her ukulele. She’s famous for her fantastic Hindi versions of famous English songs like Aurora’s Runaway and Sia’s Cheap Thrills, and she’s a Musical Comedian.

Vipasha also makes original music that is meant to just be funny or help us understand social causes and creates really fun mash-up songs. She shot to fame with her Hindi rendition of Runaway and even got a chance to sing it on Aurora’s live.

This artist is no less than a fire-cracker with her multi-talented brand of music!

Noor Chahal

An actress and a singer, Noor Chahal like most artists started uploading music videos to her Instagram during the pandemic.

Her cover of The PropheC’s Kina Chir caught everyone’s attention when the song was also doing the rounds on reels. She’s known for making the sweetest covers of Punjabi songs, and with her angelic voice paired with soft guitar strums, she’s got us all in awe.

Varun Jain

A music producer from the film industry he’s also a singer and composer. If you’re wondering why haven’t you heard of him yet that’s because he’s the latest addition to the viral reels music creator list!
Varun shot to fame with his cover of Khudaya Khair where we see him casually walking the streets at night with his guitar around his neck. His butter-like voice will melt in your ears and make you feel like you’re back in the good old days.

He has lent his beautiful voice in Kahin Thor Dikhe Na from Season 2 of TVF’s series Cubicles and Vedha Sajjeya from Rajkummar and Kriti Sanon starrer Hum Do Hamare Do.

These were just some of the amazing creators who brought to us their renditions of our favourite Bollywood and western songs.
Stay tuned for our next blog where we introduce you to some more creators contributing to the ever-growing popularity of reels!
Maybe you’ll find the background music for your next reel in these lists.