Aiming is undoubtedly the most important skill in any FPS Game, but the reasons you win match rounds are kills.

Most of the decisive rounds are not won by planting the bomb or surviving the last Blue Zone but by eliminating the opponent players. Along with a perfect game strategy, the complete team composition, and flawless gameplay, you need kills on the Stat Board to secure the win.

Every player should know how to get kills, irrespective of what position or character they play. You should be winning gun duels whether you play as an entry Fragger or as backline Support. No matter the position or the role you play, gun duels work the same for all players: the survivor of the duel wins the match.

The art of winning every gun duel is mostly mastered by players who have an aggressive and assertive gameplay style, because they are the ones who take the most head-on fights for the team’s benefit.

Before learning how to win gun duels, you need to first polish your aim.

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Here are a few techniques to follow to win every gun duel:

1. Crosshair Placement

Since all FPS games are dependent on aim, crosshair placement is one of the most crucial aspects of gunplay. You have to be precise with your crosshair so that you can secure frags effectively.

The best tip is to always position your crosshair at headshot level. This way you have to make little to no adjustments while shooting an enemy or holding an angle, waiting for a push.

Watch professional game tournaments and observe the players and the placement of their crosshairs: try to incorporate their crosshair habits.

Make sure you work on your crosshair placement because, in the long run, it will be the most fundamental skill to have.

2. Movement

There is a wonderful mechanic in FPS games called strafing, which will be important in aim duels. Strafing is moving your player model from left to right and right to left, swiftly. However, you should realize that while you are in motion, your aim will be ruined because you have to be stationary to be accurate.

Strafing helps you dodge incoming damage and throw off your opponent's aim by shifting positions quickly.

This can also help you win aim duels.

3. Arsenal Advantage

FPS games offer a plethora of weapons to choose from. Mastering all the weapons the particular game offers has to be your priority.

If you know how the gun at your disposal handles, and its advantages and disadvantages, then you do get a boost in eliminating your enemy.

Also, knowing all the weapon mechanics allows you to find the gun most suitable for your play style. You can decide to be a Rifler, a Sniper or an up-close SMG player.

4. Mastering the Fundamentals

Having knowledge about weapons and aim is sometimes not enough to secure frags in FPS Games.

You need to first understand and learn the basic game fundamentals.

Spend some time learning the secrets of each gun and adopting various shooting styles to secure the headshot.

Apart from the weapons, learn about the game itself, the map environment, match round details, agent or character statistics, etc.

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Be sure to use these tips and techniques the next time you hop onto the game!

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Happy gaming!