You’ve decided to choose the piano as the instrument you want to learn. All enthusiastic with a newfound zeal because it's the new year and we all know that the new year is all about making new resolutions and newer instruments. However, we all know learning an instrument like a piano doesn’t come cheap, and that may be one of the main reasons why you have been holding yourself back because who wants to spend a fortune on a hobby that you will probably leave after a few years or maybe even after a few sessions, realizing that learning a piano is not your forte. You rack your brain in this situation, you’re a beginner and search up on google for cheaper alternatives so that you can at least test your interest first before diving all in.

Worry not! Because we bring you this guide into cheaper and (sometimes) better alternatives to a full-blown Piano Forte so you can first test out your skills and truly know if playing the piano is really what you want to learn or are you just swept up in the new year resolutions time of the year. And even if you’re pretty serious about making pianos a regular part of your life and don’t know where to start, then this list of affordable pianos is perfect for you.

Before going into the actual list, an important point to keep in mind when you select the piano of your choice is to make sure that the piano you’ve chosen is compatible with earphones so that you can easily play, listen to and create new music without someone peeking into your private space. Learning may be about growth but it is also about being comfortable with your instrument and being one with yourself while learning as that is the only way you will be able to learn the instrument to your full potential.

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1. Hamzar 61 Key

A very popular and affordable choice from Hamzar. It consists of 61 keys and can be considered more of a keyboard rather than a piano. It doesn’t constitute any flashy features in its sound, however, the keys are touch-responsive. It is considered a go-to option for those who have just started to learn how to play the piano. This model also includes an in-built learning system so one can learn how to play this instrument even without a proper tutor at hand.

It comes with a stand, a music sheet holder, and even a mic to play and record songs with a playback feature as well. It also constitutes twenty-four demo songs which may help all the new learners out there to test out their pitches. Some pros of this instrument are; Low price, a built-in learning system with multi-fingering which is perfect for new learners, and a record function that will help the learners to listen and understand their mistakes hand in hand.

Aside from the learning feature which makes the process much easier, the affordability of the instrument makes learning the piano available to the masses and much more pocket-friendly to learn.

Hamzar 61 Key, A Yamaha Piano, music, sounds, keys, prodution, music production, live piano

2. Alesis Recital - 88 Key Digital Beginner Piano

This piano is made for all the beginners out there. This instrument is filled with features that will help you learn the keys in a variety of formats. This piano also constitutes a separate lesson mode which helps the learners quickly improve their skills and advance to higher levels steadily. This piano is not only one for beginners but also comprises five distinct voices; which are, acoustic piano, electric piano, bass, organ, synth. This allows the learner to experiment with different tones. The piano also consists of eighty-eight keys, so the player will feel at ease if the chance of playing a real piano forte ever arises.

Some pros of this instrument are; one, it has five voices, which allows the learner to explore their options and not just stick to one. Two, it consists of a lesson mode that allows easier access to beginners. Three, it has 88 semi-weighted keys which provide almost the same feel as a grand piano. Four, it has twenty-watt speakers, so if you have neighbors whom you want to bother the hell out of, then this is your choice. And, finally, it has a headphone outlet, so you jam out or learn in private sessions without anyone’s judgment.

Alesis Recital, A Yamaha Piano, music, sounds, keys, prodution, music production, live piano

3. Casio CT- S300 Casio tone 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

Casio is a name we all must have heard while growing up when it comes to pianos and keyboards and it would have been a sin to not include it in our list. This keyboard consists of 61 keys much like any other keyboard. It is a compact-sized keyboard that provides us with nineteen hours of battery life. It is practical and easy to carry. If you hop from one place to another while performing, then this is the right choice for you.

This consists of a pitch blend that allows an individual to variate the pitch to their liking. It also encompasses various buttons for easy navigation which is perfect for beginners. An additional feature for which this keyboard is featured on our list is its touch response feature which can also be not added if the learner feels adequate without it, touch response allows variance in sound and volume of the tune produced depending on the force put on the keys while playing. This feature helps when playing the keyboard on a long-term basis. One can also connect it to USB, MIDI, LCD, AND Micro USB. and apart from regularly charging the keyboard, one can also play it by inserting batteries.

Casio CT- S300 Casio tone, A Yamaha Piano, music, sounds, keys, prodution, music production, live piano

We hope you find this short list of affordable pianos useful and work on that new year resolution you made. Remember to keep patience and be regular at your practice, and don’t forget about our live courses that can help you every step of the way no matter the level you’re at.