Put on your dancing shoes and make a lucrative career as a dancer! It’s one of the best eras to pursue your passion for dancing and there’s no dearth of opportunities in the field of performing arts. Your skill combined with the guidance of mentors can take you places.

Here are 8 amazing career options for dancers:

1. Dance Instructor

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This is an age-old profession now modernised with the boom of e-learning. Teaching at a studio or a professional institution has now been adjoined by online classes. Many people take up dance classes to remain fit and many to pursue their dance goals. Can you imagine the field of dancing without dance teachers/instructors? We guess not!

2. Dance Content Creator

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Another trending career option would be to create content using your dance skills and publish it across social media platforms. This has now become a revenue-generation model. Youngsters are hyped up to collaborate and learn from dance influencers whose presence is widely felt. You will be actively engaged in making dance related infotainment posts, crafting web pages, promotional materials such as ads, flyers for promoting an event through social media, and much more.

3. Therapist

Dancing has healing properties because of the flow that comes with it. Often, dancers who take up training in movement therapies are suitable for such a profession. So your career in the health industry married to your passion for dance can help save the world!

With an academic degree program along with extensive training and a wide range of kinesiology and anatomy knowledge, graduates can choose to work as physical therapists.

4. Publicist

As a writer/publicist, your niche would be dance. You can work on creating content on dance shows and dancers to spread the word about their performances. You may also have to interview directors from the dance industry and dancers too, to learn about their projects, techniques, choreography and plans.

5. Costume Designer

It takes a village to bring on a great show! Your expertise in fashion with your passion for dance can be valuable for the industry and lead to you designing high-worth costumes for performers.

6. Yoga/Pilates Instructor

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As people are growing more and more conscious of their health, they are taking up yoga as a part of their daily routine. Most of the Bollywood celebrities have personal instructors as well. It is a rising workspace for anyone with kinaesthetic knowledge, and Pilates mat and apparatus training. This can be taken up part time or full time by dancers.

7. Dance Photographer/ Videographer

Your keen knowledge of dance will help you capture some great shots. You’ll definitely have an upper edge, being a dancer yourself. Needless to say, this profession is here to stay.

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8. Choreographer

The dance industry would be incomplete without the choreographers! They are everywhere, from film sets/commercials, to award functions, and now even at weddings. There are people who’ve made really big in the industry as well as run their own companies. If it’s your dream to become a choreographer, FrontRow has an exclusive course for you to learn and make a mark in the industry. Learn choreography and freestyle dance from Dharmesh Yelande!

And if you also want to learn some crucial aspects of dance alongside, check out Punit J. Pathak's detailed course too!

Happy learning, happy dancing!