It is January and the new festive season has just begun: the first one on the list is Lohri. Lohri is a festival full of energy and liveliness and we need songs to match that energy because no festival is complete without a good song playing in the background and you having main character energy, imagining yourself to be in a music video or movie and getting recorded in slow motion. And to fulfil your long-time festive goals, you need the perfect tunes to match those perfect vibes.

When you think about Lohri, you think about popcorn, revdi, and dancing around the fire, and for you to feel the heat that is not just coming from the fire beside you, you need a playlist that will play in your mind on repeat till the sun comes up.

So, we bring you a list of songs that will start your festive season with a bang and give you the energy without which your day will surely feel incomplete.

1. Laung Laachi

You can hear this song from all the times it was played at all the weddings we attended in the last two years. But that is not the only place where you can jam to this song. Lohri is the perfect excuse for you to play this song and dance till you drop or even sing your heart out! This number will surely compel you to push all your trouble aside and groove to the catchy tune.

2. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha

This composition by Daler Mehndi will bring back old and new memories and bring together young and old alike on the dance floor. Its catchy tune and fun lyrics are other reasons why you should not miss this song and add it to your Lohri playlists ASAP. So, dial the volume up and pull out your dance shoes because this song is another hit that will make you think, "Can’t stop, won’t stop".

3. Dhol Jageero Da

"Dhol Jageero Da" is a classic and you cannot go wrong with it. We are sure you’ve heard this song in plenty of weddings as well and must also know that no proper dance session is complete without this one. And so you must know it is also a mandatory addition to your Lohri playlist because it would truly be a sin if this song is not added. And, the nice beats don't hurt either.

4. Tunak Tunak Tun

This song is another one of Daler Mehndi’s masterpieces guaranteed to get you in a good mood and bring you out of all the stress in today’s fast-moving world and make you feel the real fun of this exciting festival. So, what are you waiting for? Add this song to your playlist and feel the real vibe of Lohri.

5. Lodi- Veer Zaara

This song is as good as the movie and another one that you surely do not want to miss out on. The Preity Zinta-Shah Rukh Khan duo should be enough to compel yourself to add this song to the playlist, but here’s another motivating reason: this song can be said to cover the whole gist of the festival, from the bonfire and the dance, to even the outfits. So, if you want to get into the mood for this festival, then this song is the perfect one to help you with that.

6. Sauda Khara Khara

Is it possible that this song is playing and you are just sitting down thinking about the good old days? That'd be a sin. From its groovy beats to its fun-filled lyrics, missing out on this song will surely become a regret till the next Lohri. In conclusion, don’t just tell yourself that you’ll add it when you feel the need to. Open your already amazing playlist and click on "add song", because this song shouldn’t be missed under any circumstance.

7. Sadi Gali- Tanu Weds Manu

A festive playlist without this song is an abomination to all the playlists ever made. Okay, excuse the exaggeration and understand the essence. This song may be ten years old but it is exactly what we call evergreen. And there's no better time to pull out those evergreen songs that surely make Lohri and the festivities that surround it, extra special. It will compel you to jump onto your feet, dance your heart out, and truly enjoy the new year and a new dawn of festivities.

We hope you loved this compilation of Lohri songs because we know we loved curating it for you. Additionally, if you think you want to learn more about music or learn a new instrument this festive season, then don’t forget to check out our live courses!