Are you learning rap?
Most new rap learners face the problem of not being able to catch the flow with the lyrics.

To help you, we have found a solution for this.
Here is a rundown of the best and most suggested rap songs for beginners learning rap.

Doori from Gullyboy

Rishi Rich composed the music for 'Doori,' sung by Ranveer Singh. Javed Akhtar and Divine wrote the lyrics for the 'Gully Boy' song 'Doori.' Which discusses the sensation of being fragmented without friends and family.

Asal Hustle by Naezy

Naezy's rap song 'Asal Hustle' highlights everyone's daily challenges, circumstances, and repercussions in Mumbai.
It is a spotless rap with no multifaceted nuance in tune; it is ideal to regard desi hip hop. A few lyrics from the song in which Naezy portrays the daily grind of life in Mumbai.

Swag Mera Desi from Raftaar

Raftaar's biggest hit song 'Swag mera desi,' was released in 2014.

A piece of wild music about the desi us, that lives in every one of us and the distinct Swag that comes with being desi.

Naachne ka shaunq by  Raftaar and Brodha V

Raftaar and Brodha V launched "Nachne ka Shaunq" explosive song as an album track in 2019.
This rap has some fast beats that will help you practice and improve.

Kohinoor by Divine

“Kohinoor” by Divine released in 2019 is another desi hip hop rap that will help you improve your rap game. this song is a jewel in the Indian hiphop scene, as it had Nas backing Divine to go all out

It’s Funky Enough by D.O.C

It's Funky Enough is a rap that prioritizes pronunciation and is free of explicit lyrics.
It was written with the intention of eliminating stereotypes.

Fight For Your Right by Beastie Boys

Fight For Your Right, originally meant as an ironic parody of party culture's machismo, has become a party staple, despite the Beastie Boys' refusal to play it.
Despite its composers' contempt, the song's chorus provides a beautiful chance for call and response and audience engagement.

We hope you enjoyed our list of rap music for beginners!

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