Creative writing takes you places!

The hot skills of the 21st century include creative writing in the list! Your career opportunities with this skill are unlimited if you enter the freelance world, and if you go with a degree, you have a bunch of other opportunities.

You can create content for yourself and publish it across channels or join big companies with a large social media base and work as a creative writer.

Here are 6 career options that are great for creative writers:

1. Screen Writer

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It is a dream job for many. You have the potential to write a super hit film. Screenwriters are responsible for making a film look authentic and touching. They are the anchor of the filmmaking process, as their scripts act as guides for the directors. We never forget a great character portrayed on-screen by our favourite actor. That is why the role of screenwriters is so important.

Want to embark on a screen writing journey? You can now learn screen writing from Varun Grover, only on FrontRow.

2. Journalist

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It is a profession that involves a lot of courage and honesty in terms of collecting, reporting, editing, and presenting the news to the masses. There are various newspaper beats on which you can work, such as political, business, entertainment, fashion, tech, sports, and many more. It is a highly dynamic and creative industry where everything is fast-paced. This profession will challenge you to bring out the best in yourself.

3. Author

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For all the ones with the dream of having their books all over in coffee shops, libraries, and bookshelves, this is the career for you. It is an ever-growing and welcoming space for people with a flair for writing and a fascinating story to tell.

4. Blogger

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Consistency is the key to mastery, and this is very apparent when it comes to blogging. You can give yourself regular writing assignments for your blogs, which can be posted at certain times. Try blogging on your favourite topics. You will naturally feel the flow of ideas coming in as you become consistent with it.

Any audience loves to read lucid and relatable content which could add value to their lives.

As a blogger, you can work on various blogs, like travel, food, fashion, tech, etc. Just pick your niche and tell your stories to the world. You might as well become so good at it that you go for monetization. Many big companies also have blogs of their own and might as well hire you!

5. Lyric Writer

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It's a journey of words from the last page of the notebook to the recording studio. Lyricist is another name for a creative writer who has expertise in writing lyrics for songs. Lyric writing is an immensely creative process and can lead to a perfect song. Learn lyric writing from the maestro Swanand Kirkire himself, only on FrontRow!

6. Social Media Creator

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Nowadays, social media presence is a key sign of the existence of a company in the market. Social media is becoming a necessity for brands to conduct their marketing campaigns and generate awareness about their products and services. There is a dedicated team of creative writers which plans and puts out the content that goes behind viral videos or ads that become the talk of the town. It's the most trending field with endless possibilities. To fully utilize social media one needs to know about making content that pushes people towards the designated call to action.

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Happy writing, and all the best!