Band performing against a white LED wall

When we go for a live show versus hearing the same band’s songs on Spotify or iTunes, we’re going for precisely that - a live experience unfolding in front of our very own eyes. And that’s something bands need to keep in mind, especially relatively newer ones. When you’re performing on stage, you’re putting on a literal show, requiring stage presence and chemistry as a cohesive group. Let’s take a look at five tips for bands to improve their stage presence.

Actually, Invest In Each Individual

A band often begins with two or three core members, and others join as time goes by. As a result, not everyone has the same history or connection that binds the group together as a band. It is crucial for the band to play together and play music with each other one-on-one to understand each other’s styles and nuances - this can be harnessed on stage at some point, too - for example, during jugalbandis.

Deconstruct Your Favorite Band’s Shows

Consider going to performances of other bands as a group to bond and then dissect what you observed about their stage presence - what did and didn’t work, and what can you learn from? Try to incorporate your learnings into jam sessions before going live on stage.  

It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

Without an audience, there is no show. So, get off your high horse and learn to give your audience the importance it deserves. How can you make them feel certain emotions? How can you actually leave an impact? What is the journey you’re trying to take them on? How can you engage them throughout the show? Considering these points will help you structure your performance more effectively.

Plan As Much As Possible

From figuring out how to eliminate silences between songs to establishing smooth transition cues between pieces to pre-scripting banter between band members and the audience to putting in thought into your band’s wardrobe, plan out everything you possibly can so you feel more in control of what you’re putting out there beyond just your music. You don’t want your audience to get bored. Keep things tight and power-packed.

Engage With Each Other & The Audience

It looks super awkward when you see a band performing live where no one looks at each other or acknowledges the audience. Embrace one another and the people who have taken time out to see you perform. Smiling, winking, nodding, laughing - there’s a lot you can do with your body language to create a more welcoming atmosphere for everyone involved. When someone in your band nails a solo, show some excitement. Do not be dull, and do not be indifferent.

Pro Tip - Consider filming your performances to see what is and isn’t working and, most importantly, what can be a lot better.

We hope these five tips help you develop more stage presence. Making sure your audience enjoys your show will ensure they are more likely to return for future shows. If you’re looking for more tips related to music, click here.