Pranks are a great way to have some fun and inject some excitement into your life. They can also be a powerful way to get your message out there. If you’re looking to prank someone, here are a few ways to help you succeed.

1. Water Balloon Snacks

pink water balloons summer

It’s the movie night, finally after planning for days altogether. But, wait a minute did they make you the server of the evening. No, no this shouldn’t be the case, who wants to keep it so simple when you have the craziest heads in the house? why not pull up a prank and let’s record the reactions. You must be having these snacks in a small container, something similar to the Pringles cans. Now, when it's time to refill the snack, just fill up a balloon placing it inside the container, but make sure to keep the opening of the balloon outside while you close the lid. Just hand this over to that hungry friend and boom, water splashes all over when they decide to just rip open the lid and dive into the snack.

2. The Chocolate Dipped Raw Eggs


When you have a sibling it's a given, to irritate them day-in and out, they definitely signed up for this didn’t they? All the younger siblings out there, this one is for you, if you are the only one serving water bottles and switching off fans. Why not serve a dessert to our older ones for being the best sibling in the world? Just boil one egg and keep the other one raw. Where is the trick? You are going to cover these up in chocolate, open the freezers grab your favorite chocolate bars or just run to the nearest store. Melt the chocolate and cover up both the eggs with it, make sure to give it a double coating so that the raw egg can’t be felt. Crunch! And there you have the raw egg all over the place but, make sure you serve your sibling on a different platter, else the prank might have an opposite effect.

3. The Water Holes

Summer is already here, and everyone is just thirsty in this scorching heat. And, we can understand your plight if you are the only one carrying a water bottle to your school or college. Why not give your friends a slight dose of refreshment because the sun is sipping away the hydration. For this prank, just take any regular plastic water bottles and using a knife or paper cutter just make a tiny hole slightly below the mouth of the water bottle. You are all set! Next time, your friends come asking for water hand them this bottle and splash! Water is all over them but definitely, you did a good job to keep them hydrated this summer. Make sure, you run away after handing the water bottle, else the water war begins.

4. Glue In the Sanitizer Bottles

This photo is part of a series of photos I made to explore my identity and sexuality as a gay man as well as to reflect on gay culture as a whole through the use of everyday objects.

With the pandemic around, everyone is habituated to carrying around sanitizer bottles anywhere they go. Why not re-fill the empty sanitizer bottles for your roomies this April Fool’s Day? Just take any empty sanitizer bottle, and re-fill it with transparent glue. Make sure to hand them over the bottles, when they are in utter need of one or just squeeze in a good amount of it onto their palms. Oh no! Why isn't is the sanitizer vanishing away? Because your roomie just gave you glue to rub your palms under the pretext of sanitizer. Never again will she ask you for sanitizers but no worries, it was a good prank for the day.

5. Taping the Tissue Tail

Did your gang ever leave an opportunity to tail you around and irritate you throughout the process? This April Fool’s day, it's time to get back with super cool pranks and most importantly the Tissue Tail one. The simplest one is here, just roll out a trail of tissue from the toilet rolls and stick a double-sided tape on one side. What’s left? Just invite your friends somewhere to jam together and keep the folded tissue with the tape side upwards when your target is about to take the seat. It's done, the next instant they decide to follow you around, they got a tail to do the wagging.

Hey, you! Yes, you! It’s your day today. You can be yourself and I know you will do a good job. Happy April Fool’s Day!